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SofticWeb Branded SMS Service Can Promote Your Brand

SofticWeb offers branded SMS services that helps to connect with people throughout the country and across the borders quickly. An individual uses branded sms services to stay connect with people where as the corporate sector or business community use this service to promote their brand and sell their products or services to their target market. The small and large organizations update their customers about the new features of products, prices and different promotional campaigns. Government organizations also use the sms communication to facility their customers about different services on regular basis.

Due to the fast growth of mobiles phones and internet, the sms service has grown to become a highly affordable and effective sms marketing tool for small and large businesses. Yes! Of course with the passage of years, digital markets realize the importance of sms service for branding and target the customers effectively and swiftly. The proactive and excellent sms marketing strategy help them to stay connected with their customer all the time. Now marketers have identified the importance of branded sms services. They understand when and how to send branded sms is utilised to target their potential customers. They use this service for following purposes.

  • This service is being used or can be used to promote products and services
  • As business man you can get customers opinion and feedback
  • You can provide products support to their customers 24/7

It is the popularity of sms communication that has changed the dimensions of marketing. Without effective using of sms marketing you cannot compete in the market. If you still don’t believe us, here are few important points that prove efficiency and effectiveness of branded SMS software.

  1. SMS marketing is cheap as compare to other marketing tool

In the present economic scenario where marketers are keen to find the cheap marketing tool that helps them save money as well as earn good revenues. In this given situation, affordable or almost free branded sms service in Pakistan is the ideal choice and fits perfectly. The branded sms allows digital managers to stay connected with your customers across the globe. The organizations get an opportunity to run SMS driven campaigns by using the SMS branded services. The best thing is that they do not allocate heavy budget or spend a large portion of their total advertising budget. In fact, if the sms branded campaign is plan and run correctly, it will hit the target perfectly. The sms campaign runs under the banner of advertising and provides cost effective marketing channels to reach customers in short budget and short span of time.

  1. Branded SMS communication offer a personalised connect

The branded sms service offers a personal connect with their customers. You talk to one consumer at a single time. This reliable and wonderful personalized approach is guaranteed to be more effective & grabbing the attention of customers. Whereas when you utilised traditional advertising or marketing channels such as TV or radio people are mostly swap channels every time during break or ad time but with SMS marketing the users read the message almost all the time.

  1. Branded SMS communication offer more customer engagement

Today almost every citizen holds mobile and the brands are successfully sending SMS to engage their customers. From products test marketing phase to seeking feedbacks SMS marketing helps brand manager to establish a strong connect with their potential customers. Additionally customers participate in the marketing campaign and give their feedback. By using branded sms as marketing tool your brand get a competitive edge and make strong relation with customers.

In short branded sms is cost effective marketing tool when it comes to market a wide range of products or services to the potential clients. The biggest advantages is the cheap marketing channel. Although heavy initial investment does not required to launch the sms branded campaigns but you need to plan sms communication campaign accurately in order to get the maximum fruitful results.

How you will choose right service provider for effective SMS marketing campaign?

Choosing the right branded sms marketing company is the first step for the success of your SMS marketing campaign. There are some important factors that you need to consider before hiring service of SMS marketing service provider.

  • Expertise of SMS marketing company

  • The right SMS marketing service provider should holds all expertise and resources that are essentials to lunch your campaign in easy and hassle free way. The best sms marketing company should provide customer made reliable and user friendly branded sms software or branded sms api that can easily integrate with your website or desktop application or mobile apps to send and receive SMS to your target potential customers immediately. Always ask the service provider for a branded sms free trial before making any commitment. Your chosen company should be able to deliver your message across all protocols such as GPRS, 3G & WAP. These protocols hold the latest technologies available almost all the latest mobile handsets.


  • Brand Your Message

  • The service provider should understand the different marketing techniques & terminology and be able to brand your message successfully. Not many branded sms service providers or operators have this feature but it does make a great impact on your sms marketing campaign. So it is recommended to choose the SMS branded company that do not deliver your message across all the mobile networks but also promote your brand or products perfectly.

SofticWeb is a leading brand for offering most innovative and multi tasking branded SMS service or branded SMS API to individuals or business community. We have specialist team of SMS and mobile marketing. The company offers the various branded SMS packages at the affordable price. Whether objective is branding of product and service, new product launching, hit potential customers, obtaining feedback or retaining customers we are the ultimate choice of customer. For more detail about branded sms service click on https://www.softicweb.com/branded-sms or contact us info@softicweb.com



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