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What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the use of social media website to promote products or services. Although e-marketing and digital marketing hold large share of market but you cannot ignore the importance of social media marketing for businesses.  The most popular social media sites are twitter, facebook, Google+, YouTube and Instagram. The companies use these social media sites to address the needs of their current and potential customers.

Types of Social media sites

Twitter – Twitter allows companies to promote their products by using short messages know as tweets. It is 140 characters message which appear on follower’s home timelines. Tweets can contain text, photo, video, animated GIF or links to the product’s website and other social media profiles etc. The enterprises can use twitter to provide customer support or services to their customers. Some companies make it sure it existence on twitter 24/7 and answer questions of their customers. In this way you can improve brand loyalty and appreciation.

Facebook – Facebook offers more space or detail than Twitter accounts. They allow companies to post videos, photos and longer descriptions to their products or services for their current and potential customers. The social media marketers mostly use facebook to promote their brand.

LinkedIn – A professional business related networking site that allows individuals and companies to create professional profiles.  Through the use of widgets, you can promote their various activities with their friends or others. LinkedIn offers a great opportunity to generate more sales and lead in business.

WhatsApp –  whatsApp was founded by Brain Acton and Jan Koum. It joined facebook in 2014 but continues to operate separately app with aims to send and receive messaging fast and reliable way anywhere in the world. You can easily and instantly send and receive text messages, photos, videos, documents and locations as well as voice calls. Whatapp messages and calls are secured by using end-to end encryptions technology. It means no any third party including WhatApp can read message and listen your voice.

Whatapps is using in 140 countries of the world and holds 01 billion users. As a business man you can send personalized promotional messages to individual customers. It offers cost effective way for product promotional activities.

The other important social media platform such as YouTube, Yelp, Instagram, sanpchat, Tumblr and social bookmarking sites can also be used to promote products or services and reach target customers instantly.



Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Business

With little investment social media marketing can increase your business’s recognition, traffic and sales volume. About 90% of marketing expert claim that social media generate immense exposure for brands or companies. The social media marketing has become an important part of marketing strategy. The benefits of using social media efforts for businesses are given below.

1. The best way to increase brand awareness 

Social media is one of the most effective and  cost-efficient methods used to syndicate content and increase brand awareness. You can increase your brand recognition by targeting a large pool of customers. If you are expert create social media profiles of your company yourself & begin interacting with potential customers. Get sponsors and business partner to like and share your posts. Through this effort your brand recognition will increase and more and more people know about your business.

2. More inbound Traffic

By running an effective social media marketing campaign you can increase inbound traffic. The people familiar with your brand and search keywords you already rank for and reach your products or services easily. Without utilizing social media platforms it is almost impossible to reach customers. Every social media profile provides a way to enter your website. By adding new post you can creates a new opportunity to acquire a new customers.


3. Improved search engine rankings

Social media marketing campaigns boost ranking of your website. To get top position on first page of search engine you need to optimize your websites. The social media marketing efforts optimize your content and bring revolutionize in traffic. It continues to generate positive results for your products or services.


4. Customer satisfaction 

Social media marketing provides a platform for networking and communication with customers. You get opportunity to connect with customers directly. Your customers give feedback about the performance of your products or services. Whether individual has a question or a complaint by using social media platform you can address the matter and resolve the issue immediately. In this way personal customers contact establishes with your company and you get the highest customer satisfaction at the low cost and efforts.


5. Increase conversion rates

When dedicated and experience marketing expert run your social media marketing campaigns they make sure maximum visibility of your brand in the target market. Your business gains more opportunities for growth and conversion. Every blog post, video, image or comments can get the attention of users and they can visit your website. This process will increase traffic on your website.


6. Cost effectiveSocial media marketing

offers a cheap way to promote your brand. It is the most cost effective part of advertising strategy. Signing up and creating a profile is free almost all social media sites. You can design and run your own social media marketing campaigns but it is suggested to hire the service of social media marketing agency. By paying services charges on monthly basis to social media marketing expert you can get more positive results in short span of time.

Now it is time to start – Now it has proved without showing presence on social media sites you cannot compete in the tight competition in the market. You may face a loss in the business. So if your business has not created account on social media platform yet now it is time to start.

The best way is to hire the services of most trusted and experience digital marketing firm. Fortunately, several social media marketing firms are working in the market. Choose the best and start your social media marketing campaign right now.

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