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                                             What is E-Commerce Services ?                                                       

Ecommerce is online activity to buy or sell products or services over the internet. Today, ecommerce business website uses different technologies such as electronic funds transfer, internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange, data collection, supply chain management, inventory management systems and mobile commerce. It is one of the fastest growing businesses over the internet.

The cheap ecommerce websites are offering wide range of products or services to their customer at user door step. The online shopping store holds a wide collection of products and these items are sold at discount or cheap price. You can buy any product by visiting the best online ecommerce sites anytime. These online shopping store provide two main benefits for their customers one is wholesale price and other is time saving. Therefore the demand of online shopping sites are increasing day by day and people gives preference to buy their products from these online ecommerce store rather than visiting retail market.

Free shopping website allows customers to make a particular purchase in just few clicks. You can easily set up and flourish your businesses by making ecommerce website.

Advantages of ecommerce website over traditional commerce store

1. No Geographical limitation

when you set up your small business ecommerce store you get advantage to target market across the globe. You will not face any geographical limitations. The whole world is your target market and you are free to sell your products or services to a large pool of customers.

2. Easy way to get attention of customers

Traditional ecommerce shops get large share of market due to their branding but now trend has changed. People search their products or services over the internet. They trust on the results of popular search engines. The ecommerce software solution drives its traffic from search engines. Over 40% ecommerce traffic comes from organic and non paid searches. This is just the traffic from organic searches and then we have advertisements, social media traffic, business directory and business forum where you can easily convey your message to their customers and get traffic on your ecommerce store.

3. Low Investment

one of the best reasons to start latest ecommerce website its minimum capital requirement. You do not need heavy investment to set up ecommerce business. You just require experience and trusted ecommerce web development services and the best marketing strategy for your ecommerce website. By managing organic search, pay per click, social media traffic you can promote your online shopping store easily and earn a handsome profit. You do need to buy or rent a property and hire staff as compared to a physical store.

3. Locate product quicker

To find right product in the large mart is a really difficult task. Parking the car and enter in large retail store by following queue and reach to desired products are time taken activities. Life is so fast. People do not want to waste their time in these non beneficial activities. This is not in the case with ecommerce business website or platforms. You just need to open page of the best online shopping store and just type specific product in the search box to find product at wholesale price. Your chosen product will reach at your door step in few hours. Some online shopping store make sure free delivery at your door step.

5. 24/7 shop opening

As a business man if you set up your physical shop you cannot remain open it all the time. If you work in shift you have to hire additional staff to run store without any break. Whereas if you set up your ecommerce online store you can sell your products or services 24 hours and 07 days of week. The ecommerce websites have no obligation therefore these shops remain open all the time. The buyers and sellers both get the benefits from non-stop working of websites. As a entrepreneur you can make sure round the clock products selling services to customers without paying any extra amount.

6. Discount offering

To get the attention of customers the best ecommerce business websites offer different types of discounts, deals, coupons and bargaining options. Customers can avail this opportunity in a convenient way. You will not face any hassle, just few clicks are required and whole coupon and discount voucher will be in your pocket. The discount offering is beneficial for both sellers and buyers. As a business man you can boost your sale volume and promotes your brand easily.


There is no doubt that customers now prefer to buy from online shopping store over traditional offline retail market.

E-commerce business platforms

  • Online shopping to consumers via web site and mobile apps
  • Online shopping to consumers via live chat, voice assistants, and chat bots
  • Online marketplaces which process third party consumer to consumer sales or business to consumer.
  • Business to business selling and buying activity
  • By using demographic data via web contacts and social media
  • Business to business transactions
  • Marketing to potential customers via e-mail or fax

How to make a ecommerce site?

When you have a plan to live your business 24 hour and 7 day of week, you actually need ecommerce web development services. By giving your idea into practical shape you are hereby suggested to consider all aspects such as planning and website design for company, ISP evaluation, accounting management, business management, security measures stock maintaining software and dedicated and experience staff.

For ecommerce website design and development you need to hire services of experience and professional web store builder.

Several ecommerce solution providers are operating in the market. Choose the right company that can make online store website for your products or services at affordable price.

SofticWeb is a reliable brand for creation of professional ecommerce design and development services. We have a team of experience and committed website designers and developers that can work in all shopping cart system such as Zen Cart, Magento and Open cart etc.

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